Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Ford Ranger packed and priced

Ford Ranger
Nearly two years after its introduction, the new Ford Ranger makes his debut in the Dutch market. This handyman is especially notable for its powerful performance and high safety rating.

Netherlands is not the Promised Land for the pick-up - before you cross the Atlantic - but Ford has decided nevertheless to the new Ranger also on the European shores to land. The Ranger may differ in size in America than the entry model in terms of pick-ups on our roads you see him with his 5,359 mm hard to overlook. Ford Ranger has tried to give a modern look that makes him well suited for a construction site when the door of a fancy restaurant. The wide wheel arches and large headlights must emphasize the sporty character on the other hand, says Ford.

One of the priorities in the development of the new Ranger was security for both occupants and pedestrians. Ford is there largely succeeded was evident after a visit to where the highest EuroNCAP score of 5 stars was noted, even in the field of pedestrian safety. This may present them as the safest Ranger pickup.

all these safety measures have not ensured that its potential has fallen off the beaten path. New differentials and an electronic transfer case ensure that the Ranger can go when Mother Nature shows that you can better times. Water up to 800 mm deep can be easily forded, even if the maximum load capacity of 1,250 kg is fully utilized.

on the Dutch market, Ford Ranger and Super Cab with two seats and so-called suicide-doors and as a Double Cab with five seats and four regular doors. The implementation includes palette then four trim levels: XL, XLT, Limited and Wildlife Trail. The XL with 2.2 TDCI 150 bhp and is the slip and already has air conditioning, seven airbags and ESP. Choose the XLT, also only available with the 2.2-diesel, then you get on top of the basic equipment including heated windscreen, Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control. Above it is still the Limited features dual-zone air conditioning plus an extensive audio system, and the absolute top model called Wildtrak. A navigation system, leather seats and rearview camera are also standard on this model. The Limited and Wildtrak are also with the 2.2 and 200 bhp 3.2 TDCI.

The Ford Ranger pickup as particularly attractive to the entrepreneur also from significantly lower prices because of not having to pay VAT and BPM. Despite Ford fends the private buyer and not mention so we both prices (in brackets apply to the private buyer).

The Ranger is from € 22.500, - (€ 35.517, -) in the case of the XL Super Cab and Double Cab XL costs a minimum of € 23.600, - (€ 53.343). Choose the XLT, tap respectively 24,000, - (€ 37.868, -) and € 25.100, - (€ 55.295, -) poorer. The Ford Ranger Super Cab Limited 2.2 TDCi costs € 26,000, - (€ 41.002, -) and Double Cab versions, the price of this model from € 27.500, - (€ 58.417, -).

Finally, the prices of the Ranger with 3.2 liter TDCI. In the case of the Super Cab Limited before you pay at least € 30.500, - (€ 48.053, -). The Double Cab Limited is from € 28.750, - (€ 74.700, -). The Double Cab Wildtrak you even bound by the strongest engine. His starting price? For € 32,000, - (€ 78.928, -), he is yours.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hummer H1 for Heads of State by DC Design

Hummer H1

Although now-souls we still often think back to Hummer. DC Design also provided that the H1 of large pieces of leather to the iconic site of executioner to provide some sense of luxury. Past glory? Maybe, but no less successful.

Hummer was some time ago referred to the happy hunting grounds but many people still speak to the imagination. Also with us. The ever giant 4x4 machines that were also suitable for every conceivable area were actually anything wrong, but had thus a sensitive chord. The undisputed king of what ever brought forth was the Hummer H1 aka Humvee, a military vehicle at some point was converted for road use. Despite the fact that General Motors knew there was not much to wear the Indian DC Design sees a future for the Hummer H1 as luxury transportation.
                                Hummer H1
After a copy on the head to have tapped the Hummer from outside, but within, properly addressed. The grille and roof rails were redesigned and were pulled tight for a modern look. When you get in really see the transformation. Gone is the bare interior military and instead bathe the four passengers in brown leather and woodwork. Although, for taste everyone will agree that in any case better than the original.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dodge Ram 1500 2012: Engines and performance

Dodge trucks
Dodge Ram 1500 2012: Engines and performance. The world of SUVs and pickups has always had a great influence in North America, where everything like how bigger the better. But in recent years this fever for SUVs and SUVs has been expanded and manufacturers leverage to get the most out of this situation. A great example is the manufacturer every time Dodge has some larger vehicles. Now comes the new Ram 1500, an impressive pickup has some giant steps, and a large number of improvements over the predecessor version.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a model that is sweeping the United States but also wants to convince the public of Europe and that is why the manufacturer is starring specials to facilitate the importation of the model, since it is a vehicle I have yet to be manufactured in our territory. Thus, Europeans wanting to enjoy a great truck with off-road capabilities, find their way a little easier.

What at first was to represent a few minor tweaks to improve the previous version of the Dodge Ram, has become an entirely renovated, with great additions and increased capabilities through the progression of the manufacturer. As we indicated from Dodge, is a model made especially for Americans but with qualities sufficient to convince Europe.

Engines and performance
it’s good that there are these vehicles, given their large size can do much, but it must also have a powerful engine. Dodge has focused on getting good performance.

This has been made for the one hand, with a V6 engine Pentastar 3.6 l able to develop a power 309CV. It becomes more efficient V6 engine, achieving three seconds reducing the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h over the previous model.

But he has also used a new 5.7 l HEMI V8 engine with an output of 400hp, showing similar performance to the new Ford F-150. Also prominent in this case it’s better performance and improved efficiency.

Whichever engine you choose, we always have an automatic transmission to ensure the highest mechanical assembly operation at all times.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is the smaller version of the Ram range, though still far exceeds the size of any European or Asian pickup. He meets a large number of competitors like the Toyota Hilux 2012, showing a more aggressive approach. But there is none that has as high a performance at a price so affordable. In the U.S. the price of the Ram 1500 is around $ 21,000, in case you want to buy one, the price would not reach 30,000 euros, including imports from North America.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Range Rover: Extra long wheelbase

Range Rover
Who thought it would become larger than the Mercedes-Benz GL-class is wrong. The new Range Rover, that normal execution is bigger than its predecessor, will also be available with extra long wheelbase. My goodness!

By European standards the traditional Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GL and Audi Q7 is pretty much the biggest cars for sale. But believe it or not, jokingly, the seating of these behemoths is not that much, clever than the average C-Segmenter. In particular, rear legroom is sometimes more desirable. The idea of ​​the new Land Rover Range as long on the market is not so bad. How many centimeters longer wheelbase version get there is difficult to say. Perhaps by comparing come to an indicative answer.

optical smaller
The Range Rover is in itself no surprise. An employee or visitor to the factory is so evil bravely Land Rover was an unexpected revelation to ruin. This first picture of a naked new Range Rover, we see a classic lines, but that "lenient" is penned. By more gentle curves, known from the Evoque, and other clever tricks like the new design model is smaller than it actually is, whether you verbloem course with the best will in the world than five meters by two meters high and width mastodon. Good thing the new Range Rover is a lot lighter.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Range Rover Evoque: Kahn is on copper

Range Rover Evoque
Kahn and his team do a great job in recent months. The SUV-tuning specialist has been recently tuning spectacular projects such as the Kahn Range Rover Westminster Edition Black Label and the Jeep Wrangler CJ Kahn introduced 300th now comes the RS250 Vesuvius from West Yorkshire Copper Evoque based on the Range Rover Evoque.

Kahn is almost typical of the tuning program that gets the Range Rover Evoque missed: Front and rear bumpers, subtle rear spoiler and a prominent grille adorn the compact SUV. The Evoque RS250 Copper Vesuvius works by lowering its a little sportier. It also makes brake calipers made of copper. The exhaust system with twin tailpipes offers an interesting mat design.

For the convenience of passengers is also provided, enabling drivers to make use of an LED-daytime running lights, new front fog lamps and aluminum foot pedals. The occupants also benefit from their seats at the Alcatraz upholstery and floor mats, the boat used in almost every one of his cars.

Like the Jeep Wrangler Military Kahn and the Painted Copper Edition RS250 Copper Vesuvius Evoque copper-colored. A notable example: At the front and rear aprons, the tuner uses matte black components, this fit well with the roof in black metallic and the darkened windows.

Small SUVs - big wheels: Kahn Vesuvius donated to the RS250 Copper Evoque also 22-inch wheels of the type RS 600 in matte gray.
As usual boat should leave the engine compartment of his car. The price for the RS250 Copper Evoque Vesuvius is not known.
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